Tom’s Guide: 25 Free Apps for Android Tablets

Though the iPad might run on the same OS as the iPhone and the Nexus 10 runs on the same version of Android as the Nexus 4, tablets and smartphones are a different ball game when it comes to apps. With developers producing tablet-specific applications catered specially for those larger screen sizes, it’s important to know which must-have apps to snag from the appropriateapp store. This week, the Tom’s Guide team is focusing on apps for Android tablets. Be sure to check out the full round up in ’25 of the Best Free Apps for Android Tablets.’

Though the iPad line of devices is still top dog in the tablet field, Android device manufacturers have risen to the challenge, offering consumers a host of excellent tablets including the Galaxy Note and the Nexus 7. Still, a great device is nothing unless it’s got the apps to match. Here’s a collection of freeware apps that we feel you can make use of on any Android tablet.


After the design and style is completed

The design and style with the carpet could be normally categorised into 2 styles: Chinese Style and Persian Design. The Chinese style and design draws on the concepts in the well-known paintings, legends, the Bible etcetera. and usually has unique meanings implied. For example, within the style of uava, Buddha Hand & Peach? the Guava stands for many children and the peach for longevity whereas Buddha hand implies the blessings and good fortune. After the design and style is completed, it will then be enlarged to be the blue print and marked with colors in different columns for the weavers to follow.

Chinese Products

The silk thread need to be dyed before it’s woven into the carpet. The pigment was usually taken from the natural plant and the mineral materials. With the traditional dying processes, the silk was adhered closely with the pigments under the normal temperature and thus gives a good protection for the layer of the silk. Nowadays, the chemical pigments are often used to increase the color diversity.

Warps are fixed about the loom rack, almost like a standing frame which consists of 4 bars. The warps will be looped tightly between the top bar and the bottom one. The density of your warps is the key to the quality of the carpet and with more warps, the design looks more clear and vivid and accordingly, this requires more work.Based on various blue prints, the weaving of a carpet is understood as interaction of strings of a basis and a wefts and knots installed in this cloth base. The warp yarns are fixed within the loom and starting from the bottom, the weaving gets under way. The weaver takes a piece of carefully selected fiber, such as wool or silk to form a knot on two warps corresponding with the designs and colors inside the picture. The surplus fiber is cut off with a knife. After a row of knotting is completed, the weaver passes one or several weft yarns in between the front and back warps. Then he will use a special comb to beat forcefully within the row of knots and weft, just in order to keep them tight and make the carpet even. The carpet is developed from the knots, lines and base and thus forms an elegant carpet.

The shearing process starts right after the completion on the weaving. The worker shears away any additional fibers about the surface to achieve the positions, depth and angles as reflected on the blueprints, and then get the edge knotted to complete the whole manufacturing processes.

The Surface Of Mars: My Date With A Microsoft Kiosk

“What’s the best feature of the Surface?”

“Um, everything.”

Thus began my experience at a local mall buying a Microsoft Surface.

Yes, I bought a Surface — me, the lover of all things Apple and perhaps the biggest fan of the iPad out there. It’s important for me to have the competitive landscape context for my continued musings on Apple’s tablets. It’s the same reason why I played around with and reviewed the Nexus 7,which I liked quite a bit. And, if something is the best, I will use it — made by Apple or not. Shocking for some of you to read perhaps, but the truth.

Unfortunately, while Google was happy to send me a Nexus 7 (well, maybe “happy” isn’t the right word, but good on them for wanting to know my take), Microsoft went out of their way to make sure I would not get a Surface review unit. A few people tried to get me one both inside and outside the company, but were shot down. I’m still not clear if it’s because they view me as biased or because they feel the device simply isn’t good enough.

Either way, it’s silly. If I write something that’s not honest, I’m only shooting myself in the foot. If I say the Surface sucks and it’s great, I look like a fool. Plus, it’s not like Microsoft can stop me from going into a store and buying one myself and writing whatever the hell I please. Which is what I did. And what I’m going to do.

The review will come later (I want to actually take the time to use it first). First, I wanted to write a bit about the experience of buying the Surface. When I tweeted that I was going to buy one earlier this week, a large number of responses came in asking for this. I assume it’s mainly because of Marco Arment’s excellent post about his experience inside a Microsoft Store. My story is a bit different because I wasn’t actually in a store. Instead, I bought it from a pop-up kiosk Microsoft installed in the mall in downtown San Francisco.

It’s a nice-looking kiosk. It looks like the type of kiosk Apple might do if they did kiosks. Lots and lots of solid, clean surfaces. Lots of illuminated glass. Lots of Surfaces sitting around for people to try. Unlike most Microsoft Stores, this kiosk wasn’t right across from an Apple Store, but that’s only because there is no Apple Store in this mall. Instead, it’s outside a J.Crew, which is perhaps the next-best thing since J.Crew chairman and CEO Mickey Drexler is an Apple board member.

There were about a half-dozen employees wearing bright, solid color shirts hovering around to answer any questions and to demo some of the Surface features. Listening to a few of them, there was clearly a script to follow in terms of what to show off, namely Office support and the Touch Cover. Aside from the asinine “everything” comment above, “amazing,” “fantastic,” “great,” and “cool” were thrown around a lot.

Yes, it’s the same type of stuff you hear in an Apple Store — but that’s the point. It’s weird and sort of creepy how closely Microsoft is trying to mimic that experience.

But the employees were all amicable and seemed well-trained. (Well, aside from the one with a cough who I did not want anywhere near anything I would be touching — Surface: Germ edition.) At one point one of them joked that they couldn’t pick up an iPhone on the table because Microsoft might have cameras watching for such hostile foreign objects. At least I think it was a joke.

There were a good number of customers at the kiosk — it wasn’t packed, but people kept shuffling in and out. Though during the half-hour I was there, I only saw one Surface actually get bought — the one I bought.

Asked how sales were going, one employee said they were “selling a ton”. Another said they were “selling lots”. When asked if I could buy as many as I wanted (asking, of course, if they still had a lot in stock), the answer was “sure!”

At least two other customers asked about the forthcoming “Surface Pro” which will run a more full-fledged version of Windows 8. Here, the employees were less helpful. “I don’t know” was the answer when someone asked when the Pro version would be coming out. “They don’t tell us those kinds of things.”

Many of the customers had problems figuring out the Surface gestures, so the employees would step in to help. Swipe from the right to open one menu. Swipe up from the bottom to open another. Swipe an app down to close it. This confusion is understandable since there is a tutorial when you start the Surface to show you these gestures, but obviously a customer just stepping up to play with a running unit wouldn’t see that.

Just from a few minutes of demos, the software seemed fairly buggy. The built-in social app kept hanging. Maps were very slow. People would remove the Touch Cover and rotate the screen but the software didn’t respond, so they would make an even bigger rotation gesture. This was obviously not an ideal demo experience.

Lots of people wanted to try the keyboard in particular — both the touch and type one. Many of those people had problems at first typing on the Touch Cover (as did I), but the Type Cover one seemed to work well. Only one of the demo units had a Type Cover, the rest were all fitted with different color Touch Covers. There were no Surfaces on display without a keyboard — this is supposed to be a tablet, right?

One kiosk employee said that “99 percent” of people who bought a Surface were also buying one of the keyboards (or one of the more expensive bundles which come with a Touch Cover). The split was about 50/50 in terms of Touch versus Type keyboard sales, this employee said.

The kiosk also had an ample supply of Halo 4. I thought this was a bit odd since they weren’t selling Xboxes. But I guess it makes sense — “Hey kid step right up, we have candy bars!”

To check out, I was asked for my name and email address, but promised I wouldn’t be spammed. When I paid, I had to go behind the counter to sign with my finger — it sort of looked like the Square signature process, but it wasn’t. Roughly $650 (after tax) got me a Surface plus a red/orange Touch Cover.

Overall, I didn’t find the experience quite as negative as Arment did. But again, I was just at a kiosk, not an actual store. The employees weren’t too pushy or annoying, a few of them even seemed sincerely excited when explaining the product’s features (one clearly loved split-screen mode, which is pretty cool). They certainly didn’t push me towards a sale, which I very much appreciated. In fact, when I said I wanted to buy one, I swear they almost looked surprised.

The employee who made the sale happened to be wearing something interesting on his wrist: an iPod nano watch. “It was a gift,” he said with a laugh.

Sure it was.

I personal 4 chinese crested hairless and any individual

I used to operate as a consultant but retired and now prefer to write some articles as a sort of hobby. It truly is pretty good to view your words in print, primarily when men and women make contact with you about it. Occasionally we get to understand each other or enable each other.

Chinese Fashion

I personal 4 chinese crested hairless and any individual who has 1 will understand that within the winter they want coats to shield them from rain, cold and snow, and inside the summer time from heat and scratches when they play. They may be lovely tiny dogs and give a whole lot of adore and affection, quite alert, quite playful, incredibly gentle, but you do must make sure they wear coats! I tried really hard to obtain good ones that were inexpensive, beautiful and practical and found that all the websites on the net were supplying coats that had been dull, ordinary or pretty really pricey. Now that I am retired I can’t afford these costly designer outfits.

I decided to complete this article a bit like a poll. I am telling you which website I consider will be the best for chinese crested clothes but I genuinely would like to hear from you along with your view of which site is greater if you can honestly suggest one particular which you believe is supplying a improved service.

I recommend this website mainly because you choose the style and colours from an enormous range, some of the garments are very unusual and all are made individually by a dog lover. You will find nineteen colours to pick from – yes 19 ! that may be a far larger decision than you get on any other web site or shop. You can find loads of designs. You can’t go wrong. The excellent is wonderful, they are hand produced by me, along with the prices are low-cost too. Irrespective of whether you will be seeking a teacup infant girl or possibly a butch huge boy you will discover some thing you like and that is suitable and all of the products are comfy for the dogs to put on. They’re designer but not at higher rates.

So in case you know of a internet site that provides a larger and greater choice at the same rates or superior please be sort and get in touch with me and let me know. The website I recommend is at chinese crested clothes.

Defense Department drops exclusive contract for BlackBerry

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has been dealt another blow by the U.S. government. The U.S. Defense Department recently announced that it is opening its exclusive contract with the company to other device makers, including Apple and Google.

According to Reuters, the Pentagon said it would still use “large numbers” of BlackBerry smartphones but that it was also asking other companies to apply for a government contract to provide software that is capable of monitoring, managing, and enforcing U.S. military security requirements.


A Pentagon spokesperson told Reuters that it was broadening its reach with device makers because it wanted to increase the military’s use of “new and innovative applications.” However, the Defense Department isn’t totally leaving RIM in the dust either.

“DISA is managing an enterprise e-mail capability that continues to support large numbers of RIM devices while moving forward with the department’s planned mobile management capability that will support a variety of mobility devices,” the spokesperson told Reuters.

Even though the Pentagon isn’t completely dropping RIM, this news piles on top of other setbacks for the device maker. Last week, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency announced it was dropping all of its BlackBerry devices and replacing them with Apple’siPhone. The agency said the reason was because RIM’s smartphone could not keep up with its needs.

RIM has enjoyed many exclusive contracts with different U.S. government agencies over the years. Various iterations of the BlackBerry have provided the high-level security requirementsneeded by the government. However, at this point, it looks like tight security just isn’t enough. Fast browsers, app capabilities, and bigger touch screens also come in handy to government personnel.

Even though the government is opening up the bidding to Apple and Google, it’s still possible that RIM will be awarded the Defense Department contract. RIM’s vice president of government solutions Paul Lucier is optimistic.

“We are confident that BlackBerry is, and will continue to be, the best solution for government agencies,” he told CNET. “BlackBerry brings unparalleled real-time mobile access to police forces and the military to ensure public safety. It has proven time again to be the most available and reliable communications channel during natural disasters and for first-responders. More than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on BlackBerry security for secure, mobile transmission of confidential information.”

According to Reuters, the Pentagon contract will most likely be awarded in April. It would start with a year and the requirement of at least 162,500 devices; it could then be extended to four more six-month long options, which would include up to a total of 262,500 devices. The government said that eventually it wants the software to support 8 million devices.

This confusion may perhaps bring about conflicts in concepts

In this globe, all countries are unique, and each and every country has their own cultural and classic values and has their own small business styles. So, it really is extremely much achievable that the gestures and language, that is utilised for persuasion in one nation, may have an entirely distinctive which means in a different country. This confusion may perhaps bring about conflicts in concepts and ultimately break the deal with no reaching any definite conclusion. For instance, china negotiation style would be very different from the way negotiations are completed in USA. The problem increases manifolds any time you must take care of a representative from a country that’s just vaguely familiar to you.

Chinese Fashion

China is one such country, about which the planet is still unfamiliar. Men and women possess a little concept about their common values and organization practices. Precisely this factor created negotiating with the Chinese a difficult activity. You have to understand the china negotiation style completely before generating any move in their presence. You may have to look after anything such as; the dressing sense, mannerisms and etiquettes. This is because these points will enable in producing your initially impression on them and if you do not take these things seriously, they could even break your deal sooner than you realize. Just to assist you to out of this tricky scenario, we have prepared a short Chinese organization manual that you just use as a handy tool prior to your meetings together with the Chinese delegates.

One from the most important items that matters in negotiating together with the Chinese could be the appearance. Look is, of course, refers to how you dress and just how you present yourself. Right here, you have to contemplate their culture initially. As an example; Chinese are really conservative those who think in wearing formal official dresses through the enterprise meetings, and so stay away from the casual clothes, which include jeans and T-shirts. An additional factor that, specifically females, need to don’t forget even though negotiating together with the Chinese is; they ought to under no circumstances wear any revealing dresses simply because Chinese look at this as utterly unprofessional.

A different crucial factor that you simply will have to think about while negotiating using the Chinese is your mannerisms and etiquettes. People today mess up in particular at this step since they just don’t realize what created their Chinese counterparts furious and because they don’t know anything regarding the lead to they can not take any suitable action. Right here, you have got to learn the intricacies of china negotiation style.

There are actually a lot of mannerisms and gestures that could safely pass off as normal in other parts of your planet, but these can offend your Chinese counterparts. Take for instance, when you are speaking to a Chinese representative, you must encourage him mainly because he badly wants to make a fantastic impression on his senior. For those who make him happy, he will return the favour by displaying a lot more interest inside the presentation and answering all your inquiries. This was just 1 on the examples which will make a world of difference within your meetings. It is possible to buy a Chinese company manual to discover about all of the intricacies of Chinese culture and how they conduct their business meetings.

When negotiating together with the Chinese, the preparations are not restricted to just having your new wardrobe and packing our bags, but you might have to find out all of the small facts about china negotiation style.