Eyes on me: Google Glass and the coming battle for attention

Google founder Sergey Brin made a confusing claim about Google Glass — the device that works like a smartphone but fits like a pair of glasses — at the TED conference this week.

Google Glass is a wearable device you talk to to get it to work. And yet Brin said it will free you from the anti-social, isolating, “emasculating” aspects of constantly checking a smartphone. Why?

Because when you interact with Google Glass, you don’t have to look down.

Wired’s Ryan Tate, who heard Brin’s comments, put the obvious objection (almost too) nicely:

Of course, devices like Google Glass are sure to have downsides as well. Hopefully not too many conversations fall dead as one party becomes immersed in highly targeted information overlaid onto their view of the other person. Surely losing your friend’s eye contact halfway through a sentence would be emasulating and socially isolating in its own way.

I’m as excited as the next girl about what Google Glass can make possible. But you’re never going to convince me that a wearable piece of technology that’s always in view and serves all kinds of urgent information in a blink is going to restore any part of our pre-smartphone social lives.

That’s not optimism. It’s fantasy.

I’m looking forward to Glass, but I’m not looking forward to going stealth as I compete with it for friends’ attention.

At least when they’re looking at their phone, I know where it is.


First off you should be extremely distinct in regards to the sort of trend

For anyone who is considering having a symbol created for your trend and clothes organization, you need to preserve various essential issues in your mind that may assist you. First off, you should be extremely distinct in regards to the sort of trend outfits you will be giving; it may be either substantial end trend garments like designer have on or price range apparel like jeans and t-shorts. Next try to be quite focused on your topic i.e. the idea on which you might be providing outfits; it’s to be specific for each manner and clothes line. Also, you have to be quite apparent in regards to the current market you’re concentrating on; the very best symbol is only developed in case your designer is aware regarding the age team or maybe the class of people you might be offering your products to.

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Once you have got these factors worked out in your brain, it will become very easy to depict the sort of brand you wish to have to your clothes enterprise. The brand ought to be finished in this sort of a way that it accurately signifies the garments enterprise and outlines the sort of garments becoming presented and appeals to people who will arrive at buy them.

Style and clothing logos can be a extremely profitable strategy to bring much more and much more prospects towards your solutions and that way too once again and again in the event you show your value. A unique garments line or even a boutique requirements a superb and descriptive logo to make new consumers and lasting status inside the current market. Many of the most favored logos for fashion clothing are Nike, Polo, and Ralph Lauren that are extremely well know amid individuals who never even purchase their solutions.

There are a selection of ways for making your vogue and clothes symbol a unique and unique brand title to your organization. For this you have to consult with a logo designer who is aware the market criteria and also realizes the best way consumers’ minds perform. To catch the attention of additional men and women to buy your outfits, you have to design your emblem in these types of a method that appeals to masses they usually choose to obtain your patterns.

It can be critical that you give a good deal of assumed to these queries and know their responses prior to you call a logo designer to style and design an exclusive emblem for the outfits business enterprise. Maintaining in your mind the quick switching traits from the vogue globe, you must have a symbol that fits your line of garments all-time. In other situations merely a symbol or even a signal is enough to create a logo common that speaks volumes for the high-quality merchandise e.g. Nike.

Trend and Joules Apparel logos are typically shiny colored and bold that give sturdy vibes to persons inviting them to come back for you. In a few instances, logos are accomplished inside a one coloration while in many others; multitudes of colors are used to represent the assorted kinds of clothes and equipment being promoted.

As your emblem might be employed for promotional uses on banners, brochures, playing cards together with outfits, it ought to be created retaining in your mind these aspects and it should really seem great anywhere it can be put. Nevertheless, the very first cease in designing your trend and apparel symbol is you should be very well knowledgeable of anything you want and the way it will be employed. In this way you should be generating the most of one’s emblem and get highest income in the small business.

TNT’s ‘Monday Mornings’ needs some new blood

Just what we needed: Another reason to dread Monday mornings.

It’s hard to believe fear-and-loathing is what TNT was after with this doctor-show collaboration between David E. Kelley and Sanjay Gupta. Yet, sadly, what the cable company is adding to our Mondays is a show that, while not as outlandishly ridiculous as NBC’s dead-on-arrival doctor drama Do No Harm, is equally unwatchable and even more dreary.

Like Harm, which layers a Jekyll/Hyde patina over a standard medical hour, Mornings attempts to mask the mundane nature of its central stories with a gimmick: the hospital’s weekly “morbidity and mortality” sessions. Every Monday, with chief of surgery Harding Hooten (Alfred Molina) in command, the staff gathers for a peer review of any errors made in patient care.

“M&M” meetings are hardly new TV fodder: They’ve been used for years on Grey’s Anatomy — not a bad point of reference, as Mornings plays like a cheaper, duller, less populated and less adroitly cast version of that long-running ABC hit. What Monday adds is a prosecutorial tone and heavy directorial hand (extreme closeups, shifts in and out of focus, odd pinpoint lighting, sudden use of slow motion) that reads less hospital meeting than Kafkaesque star chamber.

Gupta, it should be said, has insisted that he based these meetings (here and in the book that inspired the series) on real life, and he well may have. But drama requires more than mere stenography. It requires creating full-blooded characters we’re willing to believe, giving them lines we think some human being might actually say, and hiring actors who are able to say them without allowing us to see any artifice underneath.

At those tasks, Gupta, Kelley and most of their cast have failed.

You can exempt Molina from that complaint. Oh, his character isn’t even momentarily believable either, but his job here is to fill a now-familiar TV slot — the blunt, funny Brit snapping out insults and orders — and he performs that job in admirably amusing fashion.

Unfortunately, the rest of the cast, which includes some very talented actors, fall well short of an acceptable mark. With some, particularly Ving Rhames and Bill Irwin, you sense the fault lies with the scripts. With others, particularly Jamie Bamber and Jennifer Finnigan, who have been fine in other shows but are no more convincing as surgeons than kids playing Operation, the problem lies in the casting.

Then there’s the show’s worst creation, and the one who is most reminiscent of the comic excesses of other Kelley shows: Sung Park (Keong Sim), a Korean taken to barking out insensitive, mangled-English commands like “Not do — dead.” That, by the way, is aimed at one of those wise-beyond-her-years little girls medical shows so adore, the type who yank at our heartstrings as they bravely plunge ahead like Eliza on the ice. And no, in this case, you’re not a terrible person if you root for the ice.

Or for Monday Mornings to plunge through after.

Surface Pro Demo Units Spotted In Stores

The Surface Pro will not be sold in the United States and Canada until February 9, but if you are planning to purchase the device and want some hands-on experience, some retail stores already have the device. While a list of exactly which stores have the Surface Pro on display is unavailable, Engadget suggests that interested consumers may want to check out Best Buy, Staples, and of course, Microsoft Store outlets, since these are expected to carry the product. In the past, the Surface RT was made available in said locations, as well.

When it is officially released, the 64GB model of the Surface Pro will retail for $899 whereas the 128GB model is priced at $999. The package comes with a pressure-sensitive pen, but excludes the keyboard, which costs $120 for the Touch Cover, and $130 for the Type Cover.

To recap its specifications, the Surface Pro has a screen size of 10.6 inches and comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9. Said display is a capacitive, EM digitizer LCD touchscreen with a glossy finish.

The Surface Pro runs on an Intel Core i5 processor, and sports 4GB of RAM. It has a storage capacity of 64GB or 128GB on its hard drive. It also offers Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU and comes with a a built-in memory card reader.

The available connections are USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0. Also onboard is a 3.5 mm audio jack, a built-in microphone, stereo speakers, a docking station, and an integrated webcam. Meanwhile, networking is possible through Wi-Fi 802.11 b, g, n (2.4 GHz), with support for WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption.

The Surface Pro has dimensions of 6.81 inches (h) x 10.81 inches (w) x 0.53 inches (d) and weighs 2 lbs.

February 9 will be definitely be a busy day for Microsoft. Apart from the Surface Pro, the company is also going to release the 4GB standalone version of Surface for Windows RT, three limited edition Touch Covers, and the Wedge Touch Mouse Surface Edition.

Are you excited about any of these Microsoft products?

When searching for mens garments online there aremen accessories retailer

Men casual clothing might be defined as all garments, which have been made with private presentation, comfort also as relaxation. Casual clothes for males might be worn in any type of occasion except for corporate meets, organization meetings and wedding occasions. There’s no doubt at all that men’s causal put on has been gaining lots of reputation worldwide with some multinationals firm allowing casual clothing to be worn on a Friday. A casual uniform is actually a T shirt which has been accompanied with blue jeans. To date most of the casual wear garments have already been influenced so much by sports gear. There are casual put on like shorts which they have been worn as beach put on.

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Garments which we typically place on the majority of them indicate about our character. Though everybody is free of charge to place on any form of clothes he wishes but you can find generalizations concerning the forms of clothes which we put on. Like a color like red which symbolizes passion, power too as boldness. That is a very bright shade which can be going to set you in the entire crowd. This sort of colour is suppose to become worn by incredibly bold folks who want to express their distinctive fashion statement.

Casual put on as well as garments can be found in distinct patterns at the same time as design and style. The entire of this garments most of them are manufactured utilizing advanced technology for primarily coming up with stylish garments for mens style clothes mostly. Several of the methods that are utilized in designing men’s clothing are digital printing, embossing as well as screen printing. You can find various sorts of knits that are employed in manufacturing superior and top quality shirts at the same time as shorts. Casual wear clothes the majority of them are usually made from unique types of fabrics organic as well as synthetic to ensure that they can have the ability to give maximum ease and ad comfort towards the particular person who’s placing them on.

These days casual clothing is preferred by each and every person simply because people visit church with this type of clothes like a pair of jeans. Inside the old days men made use of to place onmens formal put on in occasions like parties, going to a restaurant and many much more but to date points have drastically changed mainly because even in most businesses they’ve now mens organization shirts which have already been inscribed a logo. What has produced causal clothing to become popular now days could be the design of apparel at the same time because the accessories which happen to be employed to make the garments to be much more effective.

When searching for mens garments online there aremen accessories retailer which have mainly only their own special match charts too as size suggestions. It’s a superb idea for you personally as a buyer to consult sizing charts, ask queries of what you will be not positive about a particular cloth as well as come across out in regards to the return policy in order that if the cloth doesn’t fit you return it.